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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Help Get the Word Out! Win a Writer's Guide of Your Choice!

I'm trying to get a lot of responders for the writer's quiz that I posted on Monday about whether writers have supportive or unsupportive partners.

To that end, whoever tweets or facebooks this post (tag me in both), blogs about the quiz (shoot me the link in the comments), or +1s this post on Google will be entered into a drawing for their choice of one of my five Writer's Guides. The more responders I have on the quiz (which is over 50 already--THANKS!), the better the research outcomes.

How entries will be tallied:

Tweets = 2 entries (no limit!!)
Facebook = 2 entries
Blogging = 4 entries
Google + = 2 entires

If you've already tweeted or retweeted one of my tweets, you've been entered already. Really appreciate the help!