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Monday, June 11, 2012

Review and Giveaway of Dineen Miller's The Soul Saver

This week I have the pleasure of reacquainting you with author Dineen Miller. I previously featured Dineen when her non-fiction title, Winning Him Without Words, was released. Now, Dineen has written a companion fiction title, The Soul Saver.

Here's a blurb about the book from Dineen's website:

Meet Lexie Baltimore, who is in the supernatural battle of her life. In obedience to God’s calling, Lexie uses her art and dreams to help others. But will she have enough courage to help herself when she becomes torn between her atheist husband and a godly man?

A widower and a father, Pastor Nate Winslow is drowning in darkness. Will he resist his treacherous assignment to win Lexie’s heart, or give in to the attraction between them?

As events unfold, Lexie becomes entangled in a twisted plot. Can she overcome the evil assailing her, or will she yield to the dark side?

I want to say that Dineen's heart for ministering to people in mismatched marriages touches me. As a woman, as a counselor, as a wife. Reading about Lexie's unequally yoked marriage was heartbreaking. I can't personally relate to that predicament, but I know plenty of women who can. I've utilized her non-fiction title in individual relationship counseling, and I know it's blessed my clients.

Now, I have at my disposal a fiction title to introduce some of the concepts in her non-fiction title a bit more...softly. And by that, I mean that reading about someone else in your predicament is easier than reading a book geared to help you in your predicament.

Dineen's book is very spiritually-focused. Lexie receives dream visions from God of a person she's supposed to sculpt, and then later on that day meets them and hears from God how she is supposed to help them. This is her calling, and she's unable to share such an important part of her life with her atheist husband. Her husband, on the other hand, a Stanford physicist, has placed all his eggs in the very wordly basket of seeking tenure at the university. Two polar opposites who experienced trauma in their family life which caused Lexie to seek God and Hugh to seek academia.

It's also supernaturally-focused, with the introduction of a real demon who takes on a major role in the story. The way Dineen portrays this demon-man is wonderfully wicked. His hold on Nate has rendered Nate to a shell of his former self, yet he's still more spiritually-minded than Lexie's husband, which of course leads to the attraction on her part. Women the world over should relate to this aspect of the novel, because less the grace of God, there we go.

By this point in the story, I was totally hooked...trying to read in the bathroom, on breaks at work, late at night. I wanted to know how it was going to go down! I got chills reading about the supernatural element and the powerful use of prayer throughout the entire novel. The fight for Hugh's soul and the takeaway lessons about God and his faithfulness engender a hope in the reader that stayed with me.

Dineen has offered to giveaway a copy of her debut fiction novel to one lucky commenter below. Tweets and facebook links will get you extra entries...just use the buttons below so I'll know. Open to the continental US and open through Sunday. Comments without email addresses will not be valid.

Let's Analyze: Do you know anyone or are you yourself in a spiritually mismatched marriage? If you feel so led, leave just their first name below so we can lift them up in prayer.