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Monday, June 18, 2012

Review and Giveaway of Deb Kinnard's Seasons in the Mist

I won a copy of Deb's book on a blog a while back, and I'm happy to introduce you to the 2011 Grace Award winner for Christian speculative romance.

Here's a blurb about the book:

Stranded in 1353 Cornwall, American graduate student Bethany Lindstrom knows she must find a way back to her own time or face a life of falsehoods and peril. But with the stern overlord Sir Michael Veryan, she is swept into the intrigues of King Edward’s court, which will test their mettle and their faith in God to the limits—and forever bind their lives together.

I'll admit, this was my first time travel anything to read. It won't be my last. It was fortuitous for Bethany that she happened to be a student of medieval life. She was able to pick up talking in Middle English and it was humorous to read her internal, contemporary thoughts as she went through her day. It made for a great juxtaposition.

I like reading books where I learn a little something. In the case of Seasons in the Mist, I learned a lot. Deb really infused her book with interesting tidbits gleaned from her research. Lots of information about medieval clothes, medicine/midwifery, politics....none of which was monotonous or overbearing to the reader.

Deb does have a character who flirts with madness, and he was an interesting villain. Medieval craziness has a lot in common with today's craziness, they just had less medicine and techniques to deal with it.

I'm offering a lucky commenter the chance to win this book (since Deb was kind enough to send me an .epub edition so I have a copy to keep)! Leave a comment below with your email address to be entered. (US only, sorry.) Facebook likes and tweets using the buttons below will get your extra entries.

Let's Analyze: If you were to travel back in time to 1353, what would you take with you that would fit in, let's say, a fanny pack (because we all know how big that would be, not because I have an affinity for them). :) You'll have to read Deb's book to figure out what she thought important enough to time travel with.