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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Compulsive Email Binges?

How many of you go on email binges? And by that, I mean you sit down one night and respond to all these emails that loosely require a response? I confess to doing this. And I also confess that my reason for doing so is two-fold:

1) I'm compulsive at times. I see unanswered emails in my inbox and it bothers me knowing that the virtual ball's in my court. I'd rather fling it back over to the other person and delete the email, knowing that now the burden rests with my friend/acquaintance to keep up the correspondence. In so doing, I might even copy/paste some parts of a basic "catch-up" email to expedite the process. (Is that bad?)

2) I like receiving email. The more, the merrier. I love to open my email and see tons of personal messages, not messages from various loops I'm a member of, Groupon's daily deal, or chances to increase male anatomy that I do not have.

So I email people all at once, sometimes 15-20 folks, then I sit back and wait for the bounty to arrive. I take great pleasure is weeding out them out of the large amount of email I receive.

Let's Analyze: Am I alone in the world doing this? Does anyone else out there do the same thing? I guess I want to make myself feel better. :)