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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Music and Writing Quiz: The Results, Part Two

Now for the results you've probably been most curious about. (If you missed part one of the results, where the breakdown is more specific about which writers listen to what kind of music, click here.) Who actually writes more on average, those who listen to music, or those who don't?

Here's the final results:

As you can see, those writers listening to music steadily beat out those who didn't with the top word counts. 38 of the 50 responders who listened to music write 500+ words a day. That's 76% of music lovers, which is awesome!

Those who don't listen to music still plug away, putting in steadier, lower counts a day. However, only 29 responders of 50 eked out more than 500+ in a day, which is 58%.

So the Music Lovers take away the high honor of being more productive than Silence Lovers--at least per this very fun, very informal quiz on my blog. :)

Thanks for participating everyone!

Let's Analyze: Did this result surprise you? What did you think about the 50/50 split of those who listen to music versus those who don't? What other quizzes do you think I should take a crack at?