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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Character Clinic: Tamryn Caporelli

Today's clinic features Liberty's character Tamryn, who is a CEO in her early 30s who resides in a futuristic suspense novel. Her mother died or left when she was very young, and her father began to abuse her, both physically and sexually, when she hit puberty. She has since been attacked by her fiance, and after several other bad endings in relationships, she feels she's unable to see bad things in the men she dates. Her best friend goes missing after vacationing to one of Jupiter's moons, and Tamryn is intrigued by Bridger, the detective she's hired to help her look for her friend. Bridger is a virgin and has vowed to remain chaste until marriage, which in the year 2117, is unheard of.

Liberty would like to know: What would be a believable reaction from Tamryn when she learns Bridger is a virgin? Would she think he's lying? Try harder? Be completely incensed that he rejected her? And, after the novelty has worn off of the revelation, how would she likely deal with this knowledge, and the obvious change in dynamics this would create as opposed to what she's been used to in the past?

In cases such as these, when the story world is futuristic, I'm glad when authors let me know that the predominant thought on something like pre-marital sex. I guess it would be safe to think of the culture during your time period as being sort of like that of Hollywood?

Even in today's time, the culture at large looks unfavorably upon people remaining celibate until marriage. It's considered antiquated, Victorian, prudish, etc. I could well imagine someone as, um, worldly (?) as Tamryn would be incredibly incensed at her perception of being rejected. Tamryn came across in the intake form as very self-assured and confident, extremely capable, and as someone who pretty much gets what she wants. Bridger's moral stance would be hard to swallow. She might very well think he's lying, or at least say that to herself (or him) to assuage some of the smarting impact of his refusal to sleep with her.

Plus, with her history of abuse, it's not uncommon for women to use sex as a tool, as you mentioned in your intake form. This is very true to life. Women who get introduced to sex at early ages are generally more comfortable with their sexuality and able to use it to their advantage. Sexualized behavior is as natural to them as breathing. Tamryn might try to use her powers to persuade Bridger that he's made the wrong choice (your version of "try harder"). If Tamryn can externalize the rejection (meaning, he's rejected her for some other reason besides her), she'll do it. It's more ego-stroking.

The gentler Bridger lets her down, the more she might think him a tease. If he's harsh with her, she'll definitely get's just in her personality composition. But once he gets her to understand it's his moral stance, not her lack of looks of his lack of attraction to her, he'll need to show some moments of weakness (yay for the romance readers!) in order to keep her engaged. She'll be in uncharted territory, and I don't think it'd take much for her to chalk him up to being one of many crazy guys she's fallen in love with and try to walk away for a change. Hope that makes sense!

Let me know if you want to go deeper into mentioned you are thinking about having him be captured and abused. This would no doubt impact Tamryn's relationship with him, as she herself is a survivor of abuse.


Unknown said...

Thank you, Jeannie! This definitely helps out a bunch. :) Watch for Bridger... I'll probably get him in your queue soon.

Shilpa Mudiganti said...

Hmm...interesting. A guy rejecting a woman's sexual advances is always humiliating for the woman. As you mentioned, Tamryn's reaction would be brutal.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely be interested to hear how Tamryn reacts to Bridger's news. I can see how it would be hard to swallow that sort of news.

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