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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Character Clinic: Anir

Today, I've got Anir on the couch. She's the brain child of author Tara, and she resides in a fairy tale fantasy. She's 25, and in the same vein as Sleeping Beauty, belongs to a family who is cursed to have all the women fall asleep at the first prick of a spindle. However, they don't need true love's kiss to waken and they each have one special gift. Anir's is language. When she fell asleep on her wedding day, it was for a l o n g time, and she wasn't awakened as part of her marriage ceremony as is their tradition. She woke up to her home in ruins and everyone she loved gone.

Tara wants to know: Would Anir be able to be talkative and smiling after waking in such a situation? Everything is gone. I was plotting this story out when I realized how very traumatic this experience must be for her, so I wanted to ask what her head space might be like and how something like that, even if she was repressing it, might manifest. 

Anir -

With a personality type of ENFJ, you're likely very gregarious yet sensitive. Certain traumatic situations would definitely impact you internally, whether you let the rest of the world know this is the bigger question. Since you are royalty and you've learned some control over your emotions, that would likely benefit you in the long run.

But who on earth would believe that you'd wake up to such an alternative ending than you'd expected and be smiling? I don't think that would ring true to any reader. You seem to be close to your sister, and the family dynamics didn't seem to be without love, so I'm sure you'd be very distraught at them not being around, and probably distraught at the whole fairy-tale-not-coming-true, too, though that woudl be a bit more selfish of a reason to be upset.

ENFJs can be very motivated to get what they want, and to use their powers (and in your case, your language skill) to help them toward their goal. So couple your personality type--being a people person--with your drive to find out what the heck happened that you weren't woken up, and you've got the resources to be very manipulative if you want to be.

Hope this gives you a starting off place with writing this to be as authentic as fairy tales allow. :)


Anonymous said...

I hope this book comes to fruition. It sounds like it has a lot of potential.

Tara said...

Yes. Thank you. And just in time for NaNo, too.

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