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Monday, November 18, 2013

Jurassic Park Sighting: Francine Rivers

If you don't know what a Jurassic Park Sighting is, click here. Otherwise, read on.

This post might not make me popular amongst readers of Christian fiction, but I recently reread the Mark of the Lion trilogy, and I stumbled across a huge Jurassic Park moment.

Here's the set-up: In Book One, we learn of the German warrior Atretes. He was captured by the Romans and sent to train to be a gladiator for the games. He makes a huge name for himself, with several devoted followers, based on his ability to kill. He's quick, cunning, fueled by anger, invincible in facing death.

I was reading Book Three, As Sure as the Dawn, which picks up where Book One's story left Atretes. He is about to travel away from Ephesus with Rizpah, the woman who took in his child, in order to
escape danger and potentially being lured back into the arena to fight.

They are on the ship and a Roman centurion boards, which causes Atretes to think he's been sold out. He's preparing to fight, and there's a skirmish. Then his feet get tangled up in the ropes on the deck.


This ineptitude from a Chatti warrior who ran through woods and breakneck speeds, dodging branches and roots and such? This from the gladiator who trained with spinning wheels flying at his face, quick and nimble and extremely coordinated?

Sorry, but I'm not buying it. He hasn't fallen in battle once. And this time, because the author needs to have Atretes beholden to the Roman centurion (who happens to be the Christian designated to take him back to Germania), he trips?

My mouth dropped and I just shook my head. Totally out of character for him.

I'm not dogging Francine, though. These books rock and are among my favorite series ever. 

Let's Analyze

What about you? Read anything lately that made you go, "Say what?"