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Friday, November 8, 2013

Dear Jeannie: Creator Contracts and Matchmaking

Dear Jeannie,

Rylynn is a creature of myth. She shouldn't exist, and not even her creator realizes the enormity of that responsibility. Wise and intuitive, she nevertheless lacks any form of introspection, as her mythical nature has voluntarily "slaved" her will to her creator's. Rylynn has been traded as a commodity to Ivor, but her creator has commanded her to break this contract. She wishes to honor the contract faithfully, but the command outweighs that, and the contradiction is making her sick. My trouble is Ivor. Recognizing her for what she is, he would prefer to keep her, but her attachment to her creator makes her a dangerous liability. Ivor is trying to shift her allegiance. He's been offering her freedom, safety, kindness, and purpose, where before she had only known cages and commands. Is this enough? Rylynn's love of authority structures is off-balance in Ivor's world, but is this enough to force her to develop some introspection? Does she need any? And is there any way for Ivor to successfully gain her loyalty without exposing her to the damage her creator has wrought?

Stumped in Steubenville

Dear Stumped,

The closest thing to compare this to in the real world would be that of a foster child. Rylynn's creator would be her bio parent, and Ivor her foster parent. Foster parents offer everything Ivor is: freedom, kindness, opportunity. Yet children who were raised in the worst possible scenarios still want to live with their bio parents. It's ingrained in them, as much as Rylynn's desire is to honor her creator. And yes, they do get sick, too, with physical maladies...but mainly because of the guilt, I think. Children aren't stupid, just misguided. Rylynn can probably see that Ivor is a better situation for her...after all, she was traded like cattle. But to even dream about that situation would be like betraying her creator, thus causing her to feel incongruent and then sick. Here's my thought: have Ivor let her go. You know the old adage. If he lets her go, she'll run back to the creator...but it won't be a happy homecoming. It never is. Or if it is, it never lasts. She'll hopefully see the discrepancy between the two men and make the right choice. Wish you the best with this!

Dear Jeannie,

My daddy, Jairo, married young to a political ally. She cheated on him, committed treason, and tried to "get rid" of their child. (That's me!) He takes very good care of me, and doesn't miss my mother. I want to get him a new wife. I like my honorary auntie, Larue, for the position. She forgets that she's tired when she sees me, and always listens before she makes decisions. But my daddy doesn't look at ladies. Especially not my auntie. (He says it's better to be attacked head-on as her enemy, rather than manipulated and micromanaged as one of her minions. But he took back the manipulation part.) How can I help my daddy see her? And not just notice her--he should take care of her like he does me. She will go home soon, and my daddy will get lonely and bored. Should I make him move us to where she lives?

Lovista Tegyr

Dear Lovista,

It's widely understood that "familiarity breeds attraction." You need to figure out a way for your honorary aunt to come live with you. Daddies who love their little girls fiercely will have to be moved when they see someone taking care of them as you've described your aunt doing. If your dad doesn't interface with her and see her awesomeness in action, then likely, he won't appreciate it. Most likely, he'll first feel gratitude for her connection with you (in like of your mother's lack thereof) and that gratitude will then morph into love. It would be even sweeter if he starts to rely on her (even without realizing it) only to have his lack of commitment almost cost him a relationship with her (say, he sees her going out on a date with someone else and gets a little jealous over it). A good example of what I'm talking about is in Lori Wick's contemporary romance, Sophie's Heart. Hope this helps!

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