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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jurassic Park Sighting: True Blood

If you don't know what a Jurassic Park Sighting is, click here. Otherwise, read on.

I was catching up on my True Blood series, and came upon a whopper of a Jurassic Park Sighting.


If you haven't watched through season 6, episode 8....DO NOT READ further.

At the end of episode 7, Eric's sister, Nora, dies a horrific death from Hep V, which has been injected into bottles of True Blood to taint them and destroy the vampire population. Eric holds Nora in his arms as she meets the true death and ends up a pile of goo in his arms.

At the beginning of episode 8, Eric is understandably upset. Before I get to the Jurassic Park Sighting, a little history is in order. Eric has already undergone a rather dramatic character change since the beginning of the series, when he was just this bada$$ vamp who owned a bada$$ bar and didn't give a you-know-what about anyone's feelings.

Then he met Sookie and began to feel things for her. And these feelings interfere with his bada$$ness, soften him up a bit. He just signed Sookie's house back over to her at the beginning of season 6, which was almost synonymous with giving her up. Not something Northman would have done in season 1, that's for sure.

So anyway...Eric's emotional, about as upset as he was when his maker Godric met the son. Bill comes in, and Eric wants to know how long Bill has known that deaths like Nora would happen. Bill doesn't know, and says he doesn't choose when the visions come to him. He reiterates that they have a lot of work to do in order to prevent other vamps from meeting the same end.

Eric is ticked at Bill's emotionless display (which would be fairly proper for a vamp), and he says, "My sister's blood is still warm on my chest."

Wait, what?!?


Did I miss something? Since when did vamps have ANYthing warm about them? They're dead! This is Eric being overly melodramatic...which is seriously a Jurassic Park Sighting.

Let's Anaylze

Have you come across any Jurassic Park Sightings yourself? Did you hear Eric's ridiculous statement on Sunday? I just laughed, backtracked, and watched it again to laugh harder.