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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog Renovation Complete!

As you might have noticed, things have changed a bit on my blog! That's because I had it made over to coordinate with my new website, which officially launches tomorrow, but you can get a sneak peak in today at The Character Therapist! You can sign up to receive my newsletter and win a free Writer's Guide to Character Motivation ebook!

Things have been hectic with the launch of the site, writing guest blog posts, and coordinating the blog I've decided to have a Character Clinic next week where I'll knock out 4 assessments in one week! Stay tuned!

Please click here for a chance to receive Cathy West's debut Vietnam historical, Yesterday's Tomorrow!


Dave King said...

Impressive. Shall look-see your site tomorrow.

Sierra Gardner said...

Everything looks great Jeannie! So excited for the new website!

PatriciaW said...

Jeannie, did you plug me in for a June date? I didn't hear back from you.

Kenda Turner said...

Beautiful redesign!

Ghenet Myrthil said...

It looks great!

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