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Monday, June 14, 2010

Pick My Brain Without Writing In!

Here's your chance! Ever so often, I open my blog up to ask my readers what issues they want addressed for my Thursday Therapeutic Thoughts (T3). I'm in between series right now, and would love to make my blog as relevant as possible for you.

So send me your questions! No character sketches needed. Just leave a specific or general question in the comment section and I'll cover them in the order in which I receive them.

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Shannon said...

I'd love to see something on parentification of children and maybe something on unusual coping mechanisms.

Julia M. Reffner said...

I would love to see something about cults and the lasting emotional effects on those who leave them.

Alexandra said...

Ok, this is different, but I'm writing a character kinda based off of the Phantom of the Opera, and I'd love to see you analyse the Phantom! (I prefer Michael Crawford ;-P)

audrey4j said...

I have questions about the way YA characters are developed, compared to adult-read books, especially in books for boys. I've heard that teen boys want stories that don't go deep into characterization or added details that slow the story (romance, too many characters, etc.)But I didn't pay a lot of attention because I didn't intend to write YA. But here I am, writing YA. Any comments/instruction?

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

alexandra - i did post on my other blog for a Friday Film Reel on the Phantom (although I prefer Gerard!)

here's the link. i'll email it to you as well.

great questions, everybody!

TrophyofGrace said...

I'd really like to understand more about Ambivalent attachment in adults and the effects of relationships it can have and the symptoms etc. how would you go about lessening ambivalent attachment?

Miss Sharp said...

I'd like to know more about the mindset of an abuser...

how a therapist approaches an abuser, although I imagine abusers don't necessarily show up and say "I'm a creep, please cure me,"

and how abusers do or do not cloak their real selves in society.


Shannon said...

I second Miss Sharp's request! More information on the mentality of the abusers.

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

miss sharp and shannon - not sure if you caught this post here on the mentality of an abuser, but there's the link again in case you missed it. please let me know if this answers your questions!

Miss Sharp said...


I did read that post on the mentality of an abuser, which intrigued me so much that I commented on that post with the same 2 follow-up questions as above.

I'm intrigued because in shaping a villain who doesn't think of himself as villainous, I need to know more about how abusers react when confronted not with their victims, who they likely view as powerless, but with someone in society who may be perceived as powerful.

Hence my questions regarding an abuser's reaction and/or attitude toward a therapist as well as other people in society who can't be abused, such as a boss, pastor, mother in law or what have you.

Many thanks! :)

Ruth Ann Dell said...

Hi Jeannie

I'd love to hear your take on an intelligent 5 to 6 year old girl being mute as a result of the trauma of losing her family in a carjacking. Her parents were killed and she's now living with a foster mother. No one realises she had a little brother who was also in the car and who is now missing.

How long would her mutism last?
Would it be realistic for her to talk to her dog but not to people?
Would an upset such as the destruction of a cache of sweets she was hiding for her brother shock her into speaking again?

Any relevant info on the above and ptsd and mutism in children would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Ruth Ann

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