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Friday, March 13, 2009

Writer's Resources

Writer's Guide to Personality Types

Use the four classic personality types to your advantage when thinking about character development. Inherent in each type is conflict, inner goals, and motivations to make your characters more realistic. Take it straight from the document to your manuscript.

Also useful for youth leaders, committee chairs, and other ministry leaders to understand the people you are working with, as well as for your group to understand each other.

20 pages of material to add to your writer's toolbox for just $6.00!!

Writer's Guide to Personality Disorders

Now you can have all the information you need about personality disorders at your fingertips. Give your reader a reason to empathize with your villain or relate to your protagonist. Pick and choose a couple traits for each to give a weird quirk or neurosis.

10 disorders broken down over 34 pages. Yours for $9 bucks!

FREE Download!

Therapeutic Writing: Why You Shouldn't Delete Your Work

Additional Resources:

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