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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jeannie writes what she likes to call therapeutic romances. All of her inspirational romances feature a mental disorder or emotional problem. Studies show one-fourth of Americans suffer from a mental disorder, and Jeannie thought her books should reflect that statistic.

She writes from a very realistic perspective, having first-hand knowledge and experience of the types of issues that bring people into her office every day. There is no magic cure for mental disorders, but Jeannie's books reflect the hope that belief in Christ can instill.

That Guy, That Girl (Contemporary Romance, 87k) deals with grief over the loss of a spouse.

Blessed Beyond the Curse (Romantic Suspense, 109k) deals with a social worker's rape and subsequent Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The Character Therapist (Contemporary Romance, WIP) wanders into the realm of the impact of childhood emotional abuse, and the effect it has on developing fulfilling relationships as an adult.

Jeannie also has, in various stages, books about an Obsessive-Compulsive pianist, a dissociative fashion designer, and a hypochondriac who falls in love with a doctor (can you say ironic?).

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