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Monday, August 19, 2013

Therapeutic Sound-Off and Writer's Guide Giveaway!

So I've been cataloging various things that bug me, in no particular order. I believe that sounding off (in appropriate venues) is very therapeutic. I invite you to join me in the comments section and sound off yourself for a chance to win your choice of one of my Writer's Guides!

Without further ado, my sound-off commences:

1) Why do containers of mixed nuts say they have "less than 50% peanuts?" Do they really mean more like 48-49%?

2) Why do Glee cast members keep coming back to their high school? Seriously? How many of us actually go back and haunt the halls of our high school? Just curious how many seasons they can continue with the original cast (RIP, Cory).

3) Why is it that when you ever switch lanes, either at the grocery store or on the highway, it's always the worst choice? Someone applies for the credit card to save 10% or the car goes slower than you were originally? Explain this to me.

4) Why is it that when you are finally presented with a great opportunity to call folks you rarely get to talk to (i.e., a long drive by yourself), NO ONE picks up the phone?

5) Why is there always spilled milk in the refrigerator section? I don't understand. Do they bust all the time, and I've just never been the lucky recipient?

6) Why do cats select one spot of carpet to terrorize? Just that one spot. They can't spread their toenail shavings elsewhere, just shred the carpet into a fuzzy mess right there, preferably as close to the entryway as possible.

7) Why did we ask to receive this ridiculously expensive set of knives for our wedding that we have to handwash? Wouldn't it stand to reason that the more expensive the knife, the more utility it would have? It is not utilitarian to hand wash. 

8) Why did Asperger's Disorder get removed from the new DSM-5? This is an outrage.

9) Why is it that when you have a big production to sing in, you always lose your voice, get sick, hack up a lung, etc?

Okay...there's ten of mine, just off the top of my head. Let's see yours. All commenters will be entered to win a Guide of your choice, so don't be shy! Contest will run until Sunday!