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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Video Blogging: I Need Your Input

I'm gearing up to join the vlogging world, and I'm seeking your opinion and/or advice. Keeping in mind that I want these vlogs to be short and sweet, around 2-3 minutes, I believe I have a couple of options. 

I could field psychological questions from my readers, but I'm not sure that people would know what kind of questions they could ask.

I could post little statistics and things I find interesting, and search frantically for things that are short enough to talk about but fascinating enough to keep you riveted. (Not exactly thrilled with this option....)

I could focus on two or three topics and always vlog on something related to these. Trouble I see here is in selecting topics of interest to writers that I can shed weekly light on without becoming repetitive.

What do you think? Anyone who leaves a comment with their opinion will be entered to win my Writer's Guide to Creating Rich Back Stories, so don't be shy!!

And click over to read my therapeutic review of Ashes to Beauty: The Real Cinderella Story. Leave a comment to be entered to win a copy of the book for a special girl on your Christmas list!