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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Web Designer Info

Many have personally asked me who did the awesome redesign of my blog and design of my new I want to really give Jason Walker of Website Ministries a shout out in this post.

The work he did was truly quality--and a lot of that was electronically holding my hand as I asked dozens of questions and forced him to search for hours on hours to get just the right couch for my header. (Sorry, Jason! But the end result is fantastic!)

Jason took the time to make these great screen cast tutorials so that I'll know how to update various portions of my own website, such as my Therapy Store shopping cart as I add new Writer's Guides or to change text on my home page or forms. It's fool-proof even for tech-challenged folk. He helped integrate my newsletter and a third party shopping cart with Paypal (he knows his stuff) and did custom code to change my blog layout to match everything.

I'm sure you're interested in price, so I'm copying the info below directly from his site. As you can see, his prices are beyond reasonable (nothing in the $1ks like so many other design companies because he truly sees his business as a ministry) and you really do get such a personal experience with him. I'm beyond pleased at the end result, and Jason worked doubly hard to make sure that I would be. 

From Jason's website:

Each website is designed specifically for your ministry needs, therefore, it is not possible to give you an accurate estimate without knowing what features and services you are going to require in your website project.
The basic expenses of a website are as follows:
  Domain Name
. . .
$14* (per year).
  Hosting Services
. . .
$100 - $180 (per year).
  Initial Design
. . .
$125 - $395 (one time fee).
  Site Maintenance
. . .
$25 (per hour).

I had already bought my domain name and hosting from HostGator, but Jason did everything else. He was available for any troubleshooting free for a full 30 days after my launch to answer any questions (of which I had tons...again...sorry, Jason) and his fee following the 30 days is so reasonable. This is a Bentley website on a Pinto joke.

So I hope you'll check him out. You can get a free quote or email him at info (at) websiteministries (dot) com for more specific details about your project needs.

Now's the time to get that personal domain name off the ground. Shoot him an email...and tell him I sent you! I told him I was posting this after my blog show him some love!


Saudi Arabia website design company said...

Thats really cool. I think the site maintainence should come free of cost if the whole project is done by the company.

Tracy Krauss said...

The color is certainly rich and vibrant and I love the 'couch'. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Woah, there's hotspots on the header! Nice!!!

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

What does that mean? Anyone?

Jeff King said...

Perfect... I'll look him up when I am ready.

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