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Monday, October 18, 2010

Intimate Hope

This is a poem I wrote 10 years ago after going through a horrific break-up. No one can deny the therapeutic power of poetry or prose, certainly not this therapist-to-be who found comfort and solace in words I received from God and penned in anguish. I hope it speaks to you as it still speaks to me.

                                          Intimate Hope

                                                      His eyes always look lovingly at me.
                                                           That passion will never fade.
                                                      His hand will always reach for mine.
                                                           I will never grasp for thin air.
                                                      His feet will always walk beside me.
                                                           I will never go alone.
                                                      His chest heaves when mine does.
                                                           He feels all my pain along with me.
                                                      His cheeks quickly grin at my successes.
                                                           They are also familiar with tears.
                                                      His actions are only in my best interest.
                                                           He knows when to step in and when to let me battle it on my own.
                                                      His words are honest and His Word is truth.
                                                           His shoulders are so much bigger than mine.
                                                      His arms wrap all the way around my loneliness.
                                                           He gives me comfort.
                                                      His heart will never break mine.

                                                      © 2000 Jeannie Mood Campbell

To read the rest of an article I wrote to accompany this poem, click here.

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Sarah Forgrave said...

Beautiful, Jeannie. Good reminder that we can't expect perfection from any man but from God alone.

Mary Aalgaard said...

Thanks for sharing the comfort you found in a loving God.

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