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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Character Stereotypes: The Geek

In most cinema examples of geeks, the guy wears glasses and a pocket protector, dabbles in all things electronic, and repels women like water off the back of a duck. A girl geek likely has mousy hair, braces, and enough social awkwardness to make you squirm in your seat as you watch.

Thanks to psychology and personality testing, we’ll look at a few character trait generalities that you might want to include in your book.

1) Reason Trumps Emotion

Most geeks are systematic thinkers. They analyze all problems logically, looking for previous rules or guidelines. Usually, they are intellectually gifted but socially lacking. The social arena is emotional and nonrational, therefore uncomfortable and more likely to be avoided. Since that’s the case, their social skills won’t be honed for lack of use, making them awkward and stunted emotionally.

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Stina said...

I don't have any geeks in my story, but this is great stuff to know. Thanks!

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