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Thursday, February 4, 2010

T3 - Lion/Choleric Personality Type

We're in our fourth and final week of looking at personality types! We've covered the Golden Retriever/Phlegmatic type here, the Beaver/Melancholic type here, and the Otter/Sanguine type here. You can still pop over to take the tests recommended by the Character Therapist here.

For all you Lions out there, I imagine you were ticked that Lions weren't the first type discussed 3 weeks ago!(As a Lion, I know that usually, Lions expect to go first.) So fear Lions out there haven't been forgotten or left out. :)


Choleric Lions are your born leaders. They are dynamic, active, strong-willed and decisive. They are self-sufficient, independent, persistent, exude confidence and can run anything. They have a compulsive need for change and if they see an injustice, they must right the wrong. Lions are usually bold, self-reliant, enterprising, competitive, and they welcome challenges. They are goal-oriented and goal-driven.

At work, they are your problem-solvers. They're motto is "Let's do it now!" They will sign up for anything that will lead to advancement: difficult assignments, challenging directives. They are straight shooters, getting to the point and being very direct. A Lion likely pursued their education with vigor and was a top student. They are great organizers, delegators, and move quickly to action. They can stimulate activity where there was none, thrive on opposition, and make their goals by seeking practical solutions. Their approach to teamwork really is just to take charge. Their leadership style is more autocratic and they prefer a hierarchy of management (with them on top). They release stress by doing something physical, and emotional stress will always drive them to a high-impact activity to recover.

As far as friends go, they can excel in emergencies, keeping their head about them. Their usually driven by rationality, not emotionality, so this helps them do this. They lead and organize group outings and like nobody's business. They are usually extroverted, so making friends can come fairly easily (but sometimes not! See below). They can make a quick decision when a group is stalemated about what to do.

Spiritually, they can motivate the body of Christ to accomplish great feats. Far away trips to distant lands are no problem. Annual church homecoming picnic, no big deal. Head of the committee or chair of the deacons? Covered with time to spare. Lions can make fantastic Marthas.


Lions can be controlling, argumentative, and dictatorial. They often are opinionated, arrogant and unsympathetic to the plight of the "little people." They're touchy and severe, impatient, pushy, and harsh. They can be a bit egocentric and won't even give up when they know they are losing. Their self-sufficiency can come on too strong. They can be inflexible, unable to relax, and quick-tempered. They aren't known for being complimentary, but instead controversial.

At work, Lions are not only often the "boss," but they are often bossy and aggressive. They'll try to take charge in other people's affairs. Since they're so focused on the goal, they can step on people to reach it. It's this insensitivity--this rudeness or tactlessness--that can leave a trail of hurt feelings behind them. They have little compassion on or tolerance for mistakes and can be difficult to please. They are bored by trivia and don't analyze details, so they may make rash, impetuous decisions. They can be manipulative to achieve their goals, but the end justifies the means as far as a choleric person is concerned.

Lions are uncomfortable with the expression of emotions. They see emotions as obstacles (getting in the way of the almighty task). So managing friendships can be difficult at times. Insensitivity at work bleeds into their friendships, as does dominating others and deciding for them. When things don't go their way, Lions can literally blow their top in a fit of anger, especially when personal goals aren't met. They think they know everything, and usually are right, but this doesn't make them very popular. Lions have a hard time saying they're sorry and they can also be possessive of their friends and their spouse/partner.

Spiritually, Lions usually need a traumatic experience or event to spur a recognition of a need to make a commitment to Christ. The also have a hard time expressing grace. Their self-sufficiency can lead to sin problems of hubris. They also could miss out on the heart of a spiritual experience because they are so consumed with the big picture. Since they are Marthas, consumed with the task at hand, they can miss out on the relational experience that Marys have.


Lions prefer to be dealt with by being direct and factual, because this is the way they are. You give a Lion the run around, and you are going to have conflict in droves. Lions like for things to be nailed down and written in stone. Give them a wishy washy boss or love interest and watch the sparks fly. Since they are so bored to death by detail and trivia, pair them with a Beaver who thrives on it. Heehee!

Another way to create great conflict is to pit them against another Lion. Two Lions are going to battle it out every time in a fight for dominance over the other. Give a classic male Lion a female who won't take no for an answer and he'll have met his match. Have fun with it.

Next week: Since I've had a couple of people comment about their type combinations and what that might mean, I thought I'd do a wrap-up post to discuss common combinations, not-so-common combos, and what this might mean for the test-taker.

Q4U: Have you found out anything about yourself you didn't already know? Anything you want to work on for the new year?

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Jessica Nelson said...

Awww, my lovely husband. *grin* I tell him things straight-up, things that might hurt others' feelings, but they don't hurt his. He likes to hear unvarnished truth, which I appreciate.
This is a great post Jeannie! Thanks so much for doing these. :-)

Sarah Forgrave said...

The main character in my wip is a Lion personality. This post will be a great reference tool for me to maximize the conflict. :-)

Karen Lange said...

This series has been interesting. I'll be coming back to use your posts as a reference. Thanks for sharing this with us:)

Jen said...

This is interesting. I tested highest on the Otter but my second was the Lion. Considering I'm a July baby, that's not surprising :) I'm looking forward to the combinations! This has been very fascinating.


Rosslyn Elliott said...

Interesting series, Jeannie! I like all of your descriptions, though I have one suggestion. In the study I did of the four types, phlegmatic was represented by a deer. Personally, I thought this fit better than Golden Retriever because the passivity of the phlegmatic type can also lead to passive-aggression (ugh), which you didn't mention much in this type study. Of all the types, the phlegmatic is MOST likely to get ugly with secret sabotage and backbiting because of her fear of conflict. Yes, the phlegmatic can be sweet and laidback, but there's more of a dark side than a "Golden Retriever" might suggest. In my experience, women tend to applaud the phlegmatic type (because so many of them have been taught that passivity is admirable) without acknowledging the resulting passive-aggressive tendencies, which can be TRULY evil. All of the types can be evil, just like all human beings.

Maureen said...

Jeannie, you're a Lion? Wow! I have an ex who was a nasty psycho Lion...but you on the other hand don't scare me one bit! :D

This has been an awesome series and I'm really looking forward to the wrap-up!

Thank you!

Darcie said...

I can't express how much I have enjoyed these...very enlightening.

SM Blooding said...

That...uh, pretty much sums me up.

Except at home. I'm the golden retriever at home. Well...most times.


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