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Friday, November 6, 2015

Julie Lessman's Contemporary Isle of Hope Series Kicks off with Unfailing Love

I haven't been around in a looooong while, and I'll address that at a later date. But I am coming back, and I thought it fitting that the one author who could bring me out of obscurity is none other than the fabulous Julie Lessman.

In a departure from her signature historicals, Julie branched out with this contemporary novel set in Georgia, on the Isle of Hope, a land mass southeast of Savannah that becomes an island at high tide.

This book will speak to all demographics, because the issues dealt with are so prevalent in society. Anyone who's ever been estranged from their family, run away from problems, lost their faith or integrity, hurt a romantic partner or friend, went too far with their passion, had difficulty forgiving, aggressively retreated from regrets or perceived failures, suffered through the sickness of a child or marriage, lost themselves in workaholism or alcoholism to try to forget...these are just a sampling of the themes from Julie's new book Isle of Hope: Unfailing Love (Isle of Hope Series Book 1) (link contains my Amazon affiliate code).

This book had Julie Lessman's stamp all over it. Her brand of "Passion with a Purpose" is so unique to her, and so recognizable. She's self-publishing this book, but her fans (or those who haven't had the pleasure of reading one of her books yet) won't be disappointed. In fact, there was more overt spirituality in this book than any of her others, and I loved the way she seamlessly worked in healing for her characters through the unfailing love and grace of a Savior, who gives Hope a second chance.

Julie is a master at drawing readers into her books. She's got a storyline for older readers and for younger, features viewpoints of both men and women. Like the finishing bow on a gift, she wraps up every thread at the end save one. Even with this segue, her book doesn't have one of those unsatisfying endings that makes you wish you'd waited until all the books come out. Quite the contrary...I thought it one of her finest.

All for now...I'll be back soon.