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Monday, April 22, 2013

Therapists in Fiction: No One-Shrink-Fits-All

Due to my extended weekend where I went off-grid, I'm taking a hiatus from the Character Archetype series this week....but I'm not going to leave you empty-handed! I'm guest blogging today and tomorrow at the ACFW blog.
I like to think that any professional, not just therapists, would laugh at their fictional counterparts. I assure you that Drs. Frasier Crane and Hannibal Lecter are hardly representative of the majority of us.

No, authors most likely convey therapists as empathetic, conservatively dressed, with degrees artfully hung on the wall in a tasteful but somewhat intimidating manner.  They come across the page as a wise sage archetype, doling out nuggets that change or alter the hero’s life or perspective.

And yes, I do laugh at this depiction, because therapists don’t come in a one-shrink-fits-all size.

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