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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Music and Writing Quiz: The Results, Part One

The responses from my latest quiz are in, and the results are surprising. (At least for me!)  I cut off the responders at 100, which makes percentages easy for my mathematically-challenged right-brain self. :)

Here's the breakdown:

So over 50% of writers write more than 500+ words a day. That's awesome.

No, answers weren't was a complete half and half split. This totally surprised me. I would have thought far more people wrote without music.

About the 50 that wrote with music....

This also completely surprised me. I like some ambient noise, but nothing like lyrics can be floating around in my head if I'm trying to drill out a word count. This 38% ROCKS to be able to do both.

For those who listen to music with lyrics, here's the breakdown of what genre was preferred:

I'd LOVE to know the 80% of "other." Seriously....what do you think? I thought I hit the big genres there. 78% of those who listened to music with lyrics said they did so because it gets/keeps them in the "mood" to write. 30% said they thought they wrote more words with it.

For those who said they listened to music without lyrics, here's the breakdown by genre:

Again, what's the with "other?" What other kinds of lyric-less music are out there? 67% of the responders said they listened to music with no lyrics said they did so to get/keep in the "mood" and 33% said they thought they wrote more words because of it.

FUNNY: I did have 3 folks say that they like to "sing along" with the lyric-less music. Do you suppose they meant they hum along?

Stay tuned for next week when I divulge which group actually was more productive according to average words per day.

Let's Analyze: What about the results surprised you? Didn't surprise you? Which group (those who listen to music v. those who don't) do you think will more productive?