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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Character Clinic: Creven Russet (AKA NOT Edward Cullen)

Today I've got K.A.'s werefox character on my couch today. He resides in a paranormal YA fantasy. He's been banished from his world when there is suspicions that he murdered his father, which he didn't, but saw who did. He's trying to find the man responsible, which is proving difficult from the mortal world. The killer also killed Isabelle's best friend, and Isabelle is Creven's love interest. Creven at first needs her to find evidence, but she becomes too involved and it's too dangerous.

K.A. wants to know: What personality traits do you think this character has? He's egotistical and too similar to another literary character. Is there some personality trait that I've missed, so Creven can be different from him? 

Creven -

It's do sound a bit similar to Ms. Myer's character, and it's made even more comparable in that your love interest in named Isabelle.

I think you should dig deeper into yourself...and find a truly selfish motive to keep Isabelle around (although I believe a name change for her should be in order). And this motive shouldn't be based on your attraction to her. What if you needed a human's blood to cross back into your world? (Totally shooting in the dark here.) If Isabelle became an important ingredient in the necessary storm for you to find your father's killer and bring him to justice, then you'd be one torn werefox when you eventually realize that you do love her.

In my mind's eye, I was picturing a scene where you have to either give up your world and possibly give up your aspirations to avenge your father's killer simply to save her life or to stay in her world with her. But you wouldn't know this was the end, of course, and you'd drag her along on your quest because somehow, someway, you needed her. (Perhaps as proof of the other killing of her friend, and you knew that bringing her into your world for some sort of trial would likely mean the death of her. it IS paranormal, so you could make it that her lungs are too mortal to withstand the air in your other world for long. Who knows? Some reason that for her to fulfill her part, she'd ultimately die.)

The personality trait that will differ you from the other literary character you are so worried about emulating is that you won't give in until the last minute. Ms. Myer's character ultimately throws caution to the wind...and it becomes his greatest downfall as Bella is put in harm's way time and time again.

One other tidbit about Isabelle - I'd make her as different from Bella as possible in that she's not trying to be a part of Creven's world. Bella couldn't leave well enough alone. She sought after Edward, tempted him, even. Make Isabelle resist, really dig in her heels. This'll give you plenty of tension, as Creven really needs her to become enamored of him so that he can fulfill his dark purpose that will ultimately take her life but avenge his father. Maybe Creven even pursues her for this. That would definitely be a twist on Ms. Myers for sure.
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This was fun...just brainstorming. I wish you the best as you seek to differentiate yourself from Mr. Cullen. :)

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Jeff King said...

Awesome insight... as usual! Thx for sharing.

Jaleh D said...

Just beginning with the plot, you've got some nice differences from the sparkly one. For me it's a more plausible reason for him to pursue the girl than simply pheromones. Makes the romance something more realistic. The murder mystery is the main theme with the romance playing the support/plot twist theme.

In addition to what you're working with, give him a trait or two to make us want to root for him despite what it might happen to the girl if he succeeds. Maybe a couple ethical codes he won't cross and then knock him against the codes. Like what Janice Hardy has done to Nya many times in the Healing Wars books.

I like your concept. Sounds like something I'd read when it's done.

k.a. beestone said...

sweet :) I'll really think over this. I was planning on making him really quite different from the sparkly ones, since he seems to come into his own when I'm writing him. He comes across as quite tormented and arrogant and sarcastic and yet pretty intelligent and sometimes good, which outweighs his often cruel comments. And the reason why he sticks with Isabelle is totally selfish :D Also, I do have her at the beginning being quite like Bella, being all wow I ssoooooo wanna be a part of this kinda, but that quickly changes as she realizes that the faeries really don't act humane at all. Basically, I just wanted the whole idea of the book to be urban fantasy, with romance coming second. I also thought that not that many YA books do much horror, it always kinda suddenly appears in the form of a vampire, then disappears just as suddenly when he feels the urge to become 'vegitarian' xD

Anonymous said...

Name change for sure. I love the name Isabelle, but it's too similar and won't stand out to a publisher. Jeannie has given you some great advice, though.

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