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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Technique Toolbox - Therapy Worksheets Blog

I'm about to let you in one a secret therapeutic weapon of mine. I found this blog called Therapy Worksheets by Will Baum (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) about a year ago, and have been frequenting it ever since to find homework and in-session worksheets to do with clients (both teens and adults) ever since.

There is something very concrete about worksheets. Some people don't like them, sure, but I've found the majority of adults do. Since it's so concrete, adults will fill out the questions and read aloud little paragraphs with no issue. It often brings up the crux of the matter far sooner than mere talk therapy would. It's almost like filling out an intake form for a doctor in that it externalizes the person's problems and therefore makes them easier to bring up.

Just click around Therapy Worksheets for a while. Truly an amazing resource....and I'll bet you stay there for several more minutes than you thought you would because you find something that's personally interesting to you. Imagine what you could do with this information in your novels.

I'll just say "your welcome" ahead of time. I love, love, love this blog.

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Bonny V said...

Cool! I'm going to try some of the worksheets to better develop the main characters from a re-worked fairytale idea I've been thinking about.

Ghenet Myrthil said...

This is helpful for my WIP. Thanks for sharing!

Clar said...

Thank you! you rock!

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